Day 2 – Are we there yet?

Day 2 – Are we there yet?

So, I am officially one day closer to may 29th. Honestly, when I first saw the two Advocare boxes arrive at my doorstep I was a little intimidated. I immediately thought about how this diet/nutrition/whatever the hell it is- system would probably be consuming my life from here on out. But the truth is, yesterday really wasn’t bad at all.

As promised yesterday, without shame (lie), here are my before pictures! Hopefully by the end of this challenge it will be easier to push the ‘publish’ button.

uh oh….sound the alarm….there’s an escaped warthog from the Erie Zoo on the loose!

Pretty sure my ass has it’s own gravitational pull comparable to mars

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not think that I am fat or obese, and do not want to mock the struggles of other people by saying that I am. There are countless people in this world of ours that struggle with food addiction, emotionally driven eating, health problems, and lifestyle factors that create/promote obesity. Tipping the scales is an understatement for some of our fellow human beings. Hopefully once my journey is fully off the ground I can do what I love above all else – help other people – get their lives back on the healthy track the way i’m trying to right now.

Throughout my life I have never been “obese”, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t suffered from bullying or a lifelong subscription to the low-self-esteem-magazine. Granted, I’ve become waaaaaaay happier with who I am since the 5th grade (who hasn’t), but I still recognize the need to get in better shape. I can no longer sit by and watch my midsection grow and grow, it’s time to nip this laziness in the bud!

I want to tighten, tone, and ultimately triumph over all the subconscious self loathing I’ve built up over the years. And I will. Okay, so, enough about that, back to the challenge!

The very first thing you have to drink when you wake up in the AM is the Spark drink. I chose the mandarin orange flavor to start off with and loved it! I mean, it’s no starbucks, but the texture was fine and it tasted like Tang.

24 days didn''t seem like a long time, ''why not'' i said to myself...
24 days didn’t seem like a long time, ‘why not’ i said to myself…
it looks a lot worse than it actually is....i think it''s delicious and just pretend it''s my morning OJ
it looks a lot worse than it actually is….i think it’s delicious and just pretend it’s my morning OJ

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” -Larry Elder

Without the challenge guide, I would have absolutely no clue what i was doing. I shall call it Gene. Gene will be my tour guide for the products, when to take them, how to take them, and what to eat with them. Gene, your just so damn helpful.

After drinking the spark that Gene told me to, the energy it produced actually led me to clean out my entire apartment yesterday. In order to create a better temple for your soul, I think you need to look around your house and create a better temple for your body. I found it so fulfilling and motivating to clean yesterday. It really gave me a chance to inventory what i have, get rid of the dead weight (pun intended!) of old clothes/things, and start fresh.

Waking up to a squeaky-clean apartment this morning was so positive and refreshing, my roommate must really love my new diet right now.

Well comrades, I will be back later to give you my reviews of the Fiber Drink and OmegaPlex. Have a great day, and let’s hope I can manage to get to the gym today! Working out is a key part of my weight loss plan, but yesterday I was so busy cleaning I didn’t make it. We’ll chat (and by chat I mean I’ll keep pretending there’s someone reading this) later!