Dorothy’s Weight-Loss Story

Dorothy’s Weight-Loss Story

How I lost 52 pounds and got back into my old jeans!!!

Hi, I’m Dorothy. I’m a 55-year-old wife and mom who was diagnosed with a thyroid condition 11 years ago that caused me to gain more than 50 pounds! The weight came on all at once over a year, and I was literally swelling up with fluid everywhere. It was horrible. I found myself crying all the time because I felt so sloppy.

For the next 10 years, I struggled to lose weight, but my condition made me so sluggish that I just didn’t have any energy to exercise. After a while, I pretty much gave up. I figured it was too late to do anything about my weight, so I just kept eating, and tried hiding behind giant t-shirts.

Then a few months ago, my daughter told me about a product called Sensa that she had seen on the news. She said all I had to do was sprinkle it on my food and it would help me to stop overeating. I was very skeptical, but this seemed easy enough, and I was willing to try anything – and I could hardly believe it, but it worked!

I asked my daughter to set up this blog for me so I can help everyone out there who is trying to lose weight. I lost 52 pounds and already reached my goal weight, and I’m hoping that when you hear my story and see how much happier I am now, that you’ll at least give Sensa a try because I want everyone to feel as good as I do!

Yes, that’s me on the left.

My husband took the picture a few days before I started using Sensa. It’s hard for me to look at that picture now because it brings back a lot of painful memories. It was so embarrassing having to wear those big clothes and knowing that I used to be thin.

What made the difference: I started sprinkling Sensa on my food 6 months ago and I’ve lost 50 pounds (so far). I already reached my goal weight and I’m not done yet!

The phone call from my daughter that changed my life

I heard about Sensa from my daughter. She saw a news report about it and called me. She said, “Mom, you have to check this stuff out.” I said, “You sprinkle it on your food? Is this for real?”

So I went onto the website and the more I read about it, the more it made sense. I thought, “This sounds easy enough, it’s right up my alley.”

I had tried so many fad diets over the years — and look where that got me! But Sensa sounded different. Plus, the company was offering a 30-day free trial, so I figured we had nothing to lose.

How I went from fat to thin

The first time I used Sensa, I ate a slice of toast and drank a cup of coffee before work, same as usual, but this time I felt like I swallowed a watermelon! One slice of toast, and I wasn’t hungry at all the whole morning.

After that day, I dedicated myself to using Sensa every time I ate. I said, I’m going to use this and see what happens. I weighed 212 pounds, and I set a goal weight of 160 pounds, because I still had clothes that I knew would fit if I could lose that much. I just wanted to fit into my favorite jeans again!!!

After the first week, I lost 4 pounds. After the second week, I lost 10 pounds. Paying attention to my body was the key. I used to pick at food all day long at work. Someone was always bringing in cupcakes or brownies, but instead of eating them like I used to, I would bring one home to my husband instead!

Now it’s 6 months later, and I’ve reached my goal weight and guess what — my old jeans fit again!

Some amazing moments along the way

The first thing I noticed once I started losing weight was how much energy I had. I was able to exercise and I didn’t feel lazy any more. My daughter even sent me some weights to put around my ankles while I walked because I got so comfortable on the treadmill!

The next thing I noticed was how much of a confidence boost it was when people at work noticed that I was losing weight and started to ask me what I was doing. I didn’t have to hide behind those baggy clothes anymore! I like to joke that the only side effect of Sensa is continuous shopping — no more plus-size catalogs! I can’t stop buying new clothes!

You may not think these are amazing moments, but for me they were.

But the best day came when I was going to meet my son and his girlfriend for dinner. I got myself a new pair of dress slacks, and you should have seen my son’s face. He said, “Wow, Mom, nice. You look really good.” I could tell he was so proud of me.

Now I’m 50 pounds lighter and feel 30 years younger!

When you have a thyroid condition, it causes all sorts of problems. The little veins in your legs break down and you get really puffy. You have poor circulation, and you get heartburn from everything you eat. I felt like an old lady!

When I lost the weight, that all went away. The puffiness is gone, the heartburn is gone. I’m 55 years old, and I feel like I have a whole new life. It’s the best feeling in world. I love it, and it’s all because of Sensa. I can honestly say that Sensa changed my life.

Maybe Sensa will work for you too

I hope my story inspires you to try Sensa for yourself and see the difference it can make in your life.

Even if you’ve tried everything else and you’re ready to give up, the best advice I can give you is to try Sensa because it’s not like anything else.